The successful exhibition “Women in Slovak architecture” arrived at its next venue, an iconic gallery characteristic for its shape with a boldly cantilevered volume.

The Ľudovít Fulla Gallery is a remarkable piece of modern architecture, holding almost the entire collection of works by the exceptional artist Ľudovít Fulla. Located in Ružomberok, a city in the northern part of Slovakia, the gallery was selected as the next stop of the exhibition “Women in Slovak architecture“, organised by the non-profit association Women Architects. The assortment of projects and studio profiles of talented Slovak female architects  was displayed in a former residence of the artist, one of the most important figure of Slovak creative art of 20th century.

The residential part of the building, designed for the artist to live in, work and display his paintings. These art pieces were donated by Fulla to the state as a part of an agreement, which resulted in the state building the gallery in Ružomberok to house the works, completed with a studio and an apartment for Fulla. The building, formed by two blocks laid across each other, possesses a unique feature of a cantilevered volume, extending 15m over the entrance area. The concept, created in 1964 by the architect and professor Martin Kusý (the project was later completed by Ing. Hatala), divides the building into two separate operational units. The original gallery space is situated within the cantilevered volume,  only a pair of doors away from the artist’s studio. The private residential is provided by an individual entrance, the windows oriented towards the garden and an intimate patio in the middle. This apartment area is currently transformed into an additional gallery area, hosting temporary exhibitions.

As a part of the Slovak National Gallery, the Ľudovít Fulla Gallery does not only offer the exhibition experience, but also educational events, lectures and workshops for diverse age categories. For that reason it seems very fitting that the event featuring successful female architects was being hosted by such an active and enthusiastic institution. The exhibition, opened by  the gallery director Zuzana Gažíková and the representatives of Women Architects, will be displayed for visitors for a whole month.