Seeing as we live in the 21st century, one would think that we would be witnessing as many women in the roles of senior positions as we would men. However, thanks possibly to stereotypes and misguided preconceptions, it is still considered unusual to see women achieve higher positions. Off course, sexual discrimination, harassment and bullying don’t help.

Even though everyone is fighting for gender equality there are pronounced differences between the genders in the work place. Another barrier hindering women’s rise to leadership positions is a lack of visible successful female role models.

How do we want to contribute to this situation and help women who are ambitious and passionate about their work? 

Here are our goals.



The primary goal of WOMEN IN THE BUILT WORLD is to advance the status of women working in the built environment by increasing the visibility of women in architecture, engineering, property management, devenoplent and construction industry.

We welcome professional members from all design disciplines. Our membership includes architects, urban designers, landscape architects, interior designers, planners, civil engineers, structural engineers, MEP engineers, Quantity surveyors, educators,  projects managers, facility managers, students and many other professionals whose careers parallel the field of architecture and engineering. While women represent nearly half of the student body graduating in architecture and design studies, they are still underrepresented in the work force.

Founder of the online platform WBW – Women in the Built World is the nonprofit professional organisation WOMEN ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS  passionate about supporting women working within the industry, encouraging their interests in architecture and career development.

There are three categories which we want to focus on. These three factors depend on one another and cannot function without the other. The first is the CREATIVE part, which is inclusive of architects, master planners, interior designers, product designers and landscape designers. Those in the creative industries create the embryo of an idea that will depend on the next two parts to achieve realisation.

The second part is the TECHNICAL part, which is about engineering and construction and utilises the skills of civil engineers, structural engineers, HVAC engineers, electrotechnical engineers, envinronmental, BREEAM and LEED consultants, technical project managers, chartered surveyors and many others technical experts. This part focuses on responsibly and scientifically bringing the designed buildings into a realistic construction and built process.

  The third and final part, is called the COMMERCIAL part, it is the most important factor, providing money to projects. This part includes the investors, Real Estate, Developers, Facility managers, Foundings, Finance. The third part ensures the realisation of the architect and technical teams workings by providing the finances needed to construct. 



Our vision is to collect women from all the architectural professions and help them to improve their skills through different events and courses. These courses are for those who want to improve their skills with architectural programmes, BIM, etc. We will organise lectures with speakers. The biggest event will be a Conference for the members. All the registered members of this platform will receive a weekly newsletter which contains articles about each profession, current situation for women in the built world, successful women and interviews with them, news about women in leadership, information about similar organisation with aim to help women, information about local and global events for women. The topic is always related to our platform, actual and changeable. 

Our mission is to achieve greater diversity for all women working in the built environment and creating our built world. Global Platform Women in the built world provides a safe space to ask tough questions, to hold a mirror up to our sector and to co-create solutions that work for us all.