Women in construction, don´t be afraid to stand out in male dominated field

Almost 10%. Does this sound you a lot? We would say not at all. This number represents percentage of women working in construction nowadays. Eventually, women are needed in this profession. Women are practical, and they bring different perspective to a project.

Following advices are for ambitious women in construction, quoted from an article written by Marylin Grabowski, owner and president in Atlantic Infra, construction company.

1/ Be confident that you will shake things up

Being only women in the room can make you feel insecure. However, you shouldn´t forget you´re a woman leader and to stand out in such a situation. “Having women in leadership roles traditionally held by men can shake up a well-established company and industry.”

2/ Don´t take things too personally

Surely, you will experience inappropriate comments and questions. Marylin advices you: “Don´t be overly sensitive to people´s comments.”

3/Encourage other women to take the leap

“Become a mentor and role model for less experienced. Seek out opportunities to speak to college, high-school students.” Written in article by Marylin Grabowski. World needs women role models, in all the fields.

4/ Partner strategically

Last advice, comparing business to sport competition: If you want to win, you can´t forget what business is about: the money, so try to partner strategically.