“Zuzana Čaputová campaigned on platform of ‘humanism, solidarity and truth’“ written by www.theguardian.com.

Slovakia has it´s first female president elected the the 30th of march 2019. Mrs. Zuzana Čaputová, the first slovak female president, is liberal and open-mided woman who is standing for gender equality, homosexuality and she´s welcoming refugees. It´s the first step for gender equality in leadership positions in Slovakia.

This amazing woman present herself as a president for all, not only slovak people, but for all the minorities. After she was elected she performed a speech in five different languages, in slovak, czech, hungarian, ruthenian and roman. “Thank you for being with me and I promise to be with you. Even with you, whose support I have not yet received, ” she began her thankful speech.

It´s a big change for slovak nation yet it certainly leads to positive changes.