Can you imagine a well gender balanced world? Do you care about current society issues with working women?

To everybody who cares about gender equality in our society: we announce you news from IWD 2019* in cooperation with EyeEm** who created a platform shared on social media and through events organised by NGOs and companies. A message concerned to gender balanced world is spreading around the world during a campaign called #BalanceforBetter.

Creative and competitive people have opportunity to join a photo competition ending the 31st of March 2019. The mission performs power of collective action and diversity of women worldwide. Images aim to show emotions, pose questions and challenging perception.

You aren´t competitif, still you want to support this topic? Take a picture in specific pose for #BalanceforBetter campaign, share it on social media with mentioned hashtag and express your opinion in the description of the picture.

Gender equity is the main goal of Women in the built world platform and we agree with supporting women in through different campaigns and events.

**EyeEm is technology company with a global photography community and marketplace

*IWD is nota country, group neither an organisation specific.

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